Our Story

The Blossom Bucket started as a cottage industry in 1985. At that time my interest was in dried floral arrangements which I sold at craft fairs and consignment stores. While the Blossom Bucket was in its infancy I continued to work at my "real job" for about 5 years. My friend and I decided to exhibit at the local wholesale show to see what that was like. It turned out to be successful enough that I quit my job so I could focus on the Bucket.

To add something new to the line we started putting gingerbread cookies in our arrangements which was a big hit. At first I had my family baking gingerbread cookies for me. The demand continued to grow (and my family got sick of making cookies) so I found a bakery to make the cookies. Eventually the demand outgrew the bakery’s capacity so my husband Jim started making the cookies out of resin. We did this for a few years as the business grew. Eventually he could no longer make enough cookies. It was time to make some decisions.

We felt it was time to diversify the line by adding some new designs as we continued our gingerbread line. I tried my hand at sculpturing clay and found I was not very good at it! So I turned to my friend and longtime associate Suzi Skoglund to design for us. We took 6 of her snowman ornaments to market along with our gingerbread designs. They were a huge success! From those 6 designs we have continually added new artists and designs to our current offering of over 3000 pieces.

We have moved from a cottage industry subcontracting 10 people to employing our team of over 30 in house employees. We are also instrumental in providing jobs to sales staff, designers, and many workers around the world. We are able to help provide them a sustained living to better the lives of their families. Through efforts of countless people we have been able to give back to our community by offering job opportunities for handicapped individuals packaging our products. Our goal is to spread the blessings we have to others to help inspire and make their world a better place. We hope you enjoy our website filled with wonderful gifts that Celebrate our Journey!